ways to save ordering t-shirts in bulk

7 Ways to Save When Buying T-Shirts in Bulk

Whether you are launching your own shirt brand, buying tees to outfit a team, mission group or another organization, or you are just looking for a way to fill your entire family’s closet without breaking the bank, buying t-shirts in bulk is a great option. Buying wholesale t-shirts is much more cost-effective than paying retail prices and enables you to purchase dozens of apparel items at a fraction of the “normal” cost.

When you buy in bulk, you can choose from a wide range of styles from all of the leading manufacturers. You also have the option to select whatever colors and sizes you would like.

While having so many options to choose from is great, it can make the process seem a bit overwhelming to someone who is new to buying in bulk. You want to get the right sizes, colors and styles, but you always want to secure the best possible deal for your organization or your family. The good news is that the entire process is actually quite easy. Keep reading to learn more about buying wholesale shirts and discover a few ways to save when buying t-shirts in bulk.  

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Long before you place your order, you need to come up with a rough estimate of how many shirts you need. This is important for two reasons. First, purchasing too many will, obviously, result in wasting a lot of money. Second, once you have a rough quantity estimate in mind, you can start shopping around for the best possible deal. The price per piece tends to vary depending on the number you buy. In other words, you’ll pay less for each shirt if you are ordering 250 than you’ll pay if you are ordering 25.

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Figuring out how many pieces you need is relatively easy when you are shopping for your family or for an organization. It’s a bit trickier, though, if you are trying to stock up to start a business. In this instance, you will want to carefully consider your target demographic and do some market research to gain an understanding of what sizes and styles you should order and how many.

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For a more accurate count of how many shirts you will need, send out a group order form. Make sure this form includes all the options that you plan on offering, such as sizes, styles and colors. Distribute order forms to everyone in your group or organization and clearly note a due date.

Once all of the forms have been returned, tally them up to determine exactly what you need. It’s smart to order a few extras, too. Pay attention to the most common size and style chosen on the order form and order at least a few extras. Usually, this means ordering some extra t-shirts in size large. It’s also smart to snag a few in smaller and larger sizes, just in case. If you are planning on distributing several more shirts than the ones you have order forms for, use your order forms to get a general feel for how many of each size you should order.

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When you are ordering for a team or an organization, purchasing extra shirts to sell is also smart because it provides a fundraising opportunity that could enable you to offset some of your expenses.

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T-shirts are available in every color of the rainbow (and more!). When you are trying to get the best possible deal, though, it’s important to note that colored shirts are generally more expensive than white ones. You could save yourself a dollar or more on every single shirt simply by ordering white instead of colored. This may not seem like a huge issue if you only need to order a relatively small quantity, but the cost can really add up when you are ordering 100 or more.

If you want to save money but can’t imagine outfitting your team in anything other than their official colors, don’t worry. You can dye your plain shirts yourself, or you can decorate them to make them match your color scheme. Screen printing, iron-on transfers and even fabric markers are all great ways to make even the plainest white shirt a 100 percent unique reflection of your team, organization or brand.

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Investing in plain white shirts offers another potential money-saving benefit, too. Any extras that you have left over can be customized for your next project or event. This could, of course, save you money the next time you order shirts, and it will help you avoid having extras that you are unable to use.

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When it comes to getting the best possible deal on the shirts you need, choosing a vendor that specializes in bulk orders is a must. Such vendors offer better deals than, say, Walmart, because they are set up to sell in large quantities. At ShirtMax, we offer great wholesale prices whether you need 10 shirts or 1,000. However, we also offer bulk discounts to save you even more. You save an additional two percent on orders over $250, four percent on orders over $500, six percent on orders over $750, eight percent on orders over $1,000 and 15 percent on orders over $3,000. Keep this in mind when ordering because the more you buy, the more you’ll save. Many other vendors offer similar discounts, too.

Choosing a vendor with a website that is set up for bulk orders–like ShirtMax–makes the ordering process much easier, too. Instead of having to go through several different products and add them to your shopping cart separately, you can simply go to the page for the style you are interested in and add all the colors and sizes you need at the same time. If, for example, you’re shopping for Gildan Heavy Cotton 5.3 oz. T-shirts, you would simply go to that product listing and enter the quantity you need of each color and size. Once you’ve finished entering quantities, double check your order forms and then add to the cart. This is a much more time-efficient method of shopping for bulk clothing and, as you know, saving time often saves money.

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When you are ordering online, it isn’t just the cost of the shirts you need to be concerned about. It’s also important to take shipping and handling charges into consideration. Some vendors offer prices that seem amazing only to charge their customers a fortune for shipping.

The best vendors for wholesale shirts are those who offer free shipping and handling. At ShirtMax, for example, we offer free shipping on all orders of $69 or more. This can save you a significant amount of money while ensuring that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you get ready to check out.

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Wholesale t-shirt vendors that don’t have good customer service policies can end up costing you money in the long run. If a vendor does not accept returns, for example, you could end up stuck with shirts that are the wrong color or size with very little recourse. In order to get the shirts you need, you would have to reorder at an additional cost. When checking return policies, find out whether there is a restocking fee. If there is, this could also, of course, end up costing you additional money.

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If you need to receive your shirts within a certain timeframe, pay attention to shipping policies. There are some vendors who offer extremely low prices by shipping their products from overseas warehouses. Unfortunately, it could take a month (or longer) for your order to arrive from an overseas warehouse. While you will save some money upfront, you could find yourself having to place another order with a different vendor if your purchase does not show up in time. There is also a greater risk of having your package go missing if you order from an international vendor and, unfortunately, they aren’t always great about sending out replacement orders.

Good customer service is important anytime you order anything online. Check the company’s policies or FAQ page prior to placing an order to ensure that you won’t end up having to shell out extra money to a business that isn’t concerned about customer satisfaction. Here at ShirtMax, we accept returns within 30 days of the purchase date, and we send out most orders placed by 4 p.m. EST the same day. And since we have warehouses spread throughout the continental U.S., most orders reach their destination within a day or two. We know that our customers have a lot of vendors to choose from, and we strive to offer the best customer service available.

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Getting a great deal is important, but it shouldn’t be the only factor you take into consideration when shopping for shirts in bulk. It’s also important to consider things like quality, social responsibility and environmental issues.

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Instead of ordering the absolute cheapest shirts you can find, look for first-quality shirts from a trusted brand, like Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. Some wholesalers offer rock-bottom prices by selling factory seconds instead of first-quality garments. Sometimes, their flaws are barely noticeable. Other times, they have more significant flaws that could make them unsuitable for your needs. Ordering seconds is always a huge gamble, and doing so could end up costing you both time and money.

It’s also smart to order from trusted brands with strong reputations for social and environmental responsibility. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful impact of fast fashion on the environment and the people who work in garment factories. Many are choosing to no longer purchase from unscrupulous brands and would be much happier to see you ordering from a brand that doesn’t employ unfair or hazardous business practices. Purchasing from a reputable brand also helps ensure quality and provides you with peace of mind that the shirts you bought won’t fall apart the first time they are washed. You can feel good about your investment, and the people who wear the shirts will feel good, too.


There are many instances in which you might want to order bulk t-shirts. Perhaps you are planning on starting your own shirt customization business, or maybe you need to order shirts to donate on your next mission trip. Maybe you are looking for an inexpensive way to purchase matching shirts for all the members of a team or an organization. You could even be shopping for wholesale t-shirts to build an affordable wardrobe for your family. No matter why you need bulk t-shirts, you most likely want to get the best possible deal on them.

choose quality merchandise from reputable brands quoteWhen shopping for wholesale shirts, take the time to figure out exactly how many you need and then look for the best deal. Keep things like shipping and handling fees in mind. Also, pay attention to return policies and restocking fees as they could end up costing you extra money if there is a problem with your order.

Choose first-quality merchandise from reputable brands to ensure that the products you order will meet your needs and withstand normal use. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the vendor. A reputable wholesaler will answer your questions and help you purchase the products that are best suited to your needs.

At ShirtMax, we strive to provide exceptional customer service and to meet our customers’ needs at every opportunity. We carry a wide selection of garments in various colors, sizes and styles, and offer bulk discounts and free shipping on qualified orders. We also ship quickly from U.S.-based warehouses to ensure that our customers aren’t stuck waiting around for their orders. If you are in need of wholesale shirts, we encourage you to browse our website today and reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!