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Why We Love Jerzees T Shirts

Few brands are as synonymous with t shirts as Jerzees. Jerzees is one of the most popular brands in the business, and for good reason. Here at ShirtMax, it’s no secret that we love Jerzees. Their t shirts are soft, comfortable and come in a wide range of stylish colors. That’s not all there is to love, though. Why do we love Jerzees t shirts? Keep reading to find out!


It is hard to find a company that offers as much variety as Jerzees. The brand offers t shirts for men, women, and children in a full range of fashionable styles. From basic cotton, poly and tri-blend shirts to ringer t shirts, tank tops, long-sleeve t shirts and more, they have just about anything you could ever want.

Jerzees also offers a wide range of colors. Why go with plain white or basic black when you could opt for colors like Cyber Pink, Cardinal, and Kiwi? Of course, if you need something more basic, they offer that, too.

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Because the brand offers such a great selection, there is a product that is suitable for just about any application. Need bulk t shirts for screen printing? Check out their HiDensi-T shirts. They are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, and the high-density material provides a smooth canvas that is perfect for screen printing. As an added bonus, these shirts have tear-away labels that can easily be replaced with your own private label.


If you’re in the market for athletic shirts, try the 100% Polyester Sport t shirts. These performance tees have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They have moisture-wicking properties to keep wearers dry during strenuous activity. They are also less prone to stretching and wrinkling than standards tees.

For maximum versatility, though, you want the Heavyweight Blend shirt. This t shirt is one of Jerzees’ best-sellers. It features material that is soft and comfortable enough for casual wear but holds up to most vigorous activity as well. These blank shirts also work well for printing or decorating.


Jerzees products don’t just look great; they’re made to last. The company has been producing high-quality t shirts and other apparel items since 1984, and they have the art of the perfect t shirt down to a science. Their shirts last through several wearing’s and washings, and they come out looking just as good as new.

These t shirts are comfortable and designed with features like seamless collars and two-needled coverstitching to ensure durability and longevity.

Social Responsibility

uniform shirtsOne of our absolute favorite things about the Jerzees brand is its commitment to corporate social responsibility. As part of the Fruit of the Loom corporation, the brand strives to produce affordable products that offer exceptional value to consumers. It is committed, however, to achieving this goal in a manner that is socially responsible.

The company monitors its supply chain using a comprehensive assessment process that monitors working conditions at the facilities where the products are produced. Jerzees products are not produced in sweatshops or in any facilities that use child labor or which have abusive practices.

Suppliers must pay a fair wage and have reasonable working hours. Jerzees does not work with any suppliers or manufacturers that discriminate or fail to treat employees with dignity and respect. As part of the company’s commitment to social responsibility, it does not use cotton sourced from Uzbekistan, where forced labor and child labor are common.

Jerzees also only works with suppliers that adopt reasonable policies to mitigate their negative impact on the environment. At minimum, all suppliers and facilities are required to abide by all local and applicable international laws intended to protect the environment. Suppliers must operate in a manner that minimizes waste and energy consumption while maximizing recycling. They must also store and dispose of hazardous substances in an appropriate manner.

Jerzees has long been a pioneer in the wholesale t shirt industry. With a full range of top-quality products that provide exceptional value to consumers, the Jerzees brand is a great choice for anyone who is in need of wholesale t shirts.

From athletic teams and groups to businesses, special events and more, there are several applications for bulk t shirts. Jerzees has options that are perfectly suited to just about any application, and its commitment to social responsibility makes the brand an excellent choice for anyone who desires both value and ethics.