A Quick Guide to Wholesale Drawstring Bags

The popularity of drawstring backpacks is soaring these days, and it should come as no surprise. These bags – sometimes called “cinch sacks” – are lightweight and easy to access, making them a wonderfully simple option for carrying personal belongings. They’re also great for promotional giveaways at trade shows and other corporate events.

So, how do you select the bag that’s right for you? Wholesale is definitely the way to go for the best deal, but there are still tons of products to choose from. In this post, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the major considerations when picking out a drawstring bag. By the end, you’ll hopefully have some specific preferences in mind.


The most popular drawstring backpack material is probably nylon. Nylon is extremely strong and durable, so it’s a great choice if you’ll be hauling heavy loads with your bag.

BAGedge Nylon Cinch Sack

Port Authority Nylon Cinch Pack

It’s also mildew-resistant and quick-drying, making it a common selection for outdoor use. Nonetheless, nylon can be somewhat degraded by extended sunlight exposure.

Polyester bags usually aren’t as strong as nylon ones, but they’re still pretty sturdy and can handle some abuse. This material holds up very well to sunlight, and it’s also mildew-resistant. On top of that, polyester is water-resistant, so it can help to keep your belongings from getting wet.

Another option available is the polypropylene drawstring bag. These backpacks are inexpensive, but they’re also not nearly as durable as ones made of nylon or polyester. If your bags will be holding goodies as part of a promotional giveaway, polypropylene can likely do the job. However, if they’ll be carrying serious weight (or sharp objects), you’ll probably want to steer clear.

Lastly, we have cotton canvas. This material is popular with environmentally-conscious shoppers, and it’s also super-strong. One downside, however, is that it can be a bit more expensive than the options listed above. If price is a major concern, cotton canvas might not be the way to go.


The typical size of a drawstring bag is around 14” x 18” (width and height). This will likely provide adequate storage space for trips to the gym, outdoor gatherings, and other common uses. For hefty loads, however, you might want a backpack with dimensions closer to 17” x 20”. This larger size makes sense if you’ll be carrying lots of thick books or going on camping excursions, for example.

On the other end of the spectrum, you might find some “mini” drawstring bags out on the market. These can be lots of fun for kids, and they make great party favors. In the end, you just want to make sure that you’ve considered your bag’s dimensions before you buy.


 Liberty Bags is arguably the leading brand in wholesale drawstring backpacks. Their products are everywhere, offering an excellent combination of quality and value. Take, for example, the Liberty Bags “Boston” model. This nylon bag has an extra-thick DUROcord® drawstring and provides real durability. It also comes in lots of snazzy colors like Hot Pink and Kelly Green. Plus, the “Boston” is available at a price point just over $3, making it an easy backpack to love.


Authentic Pigment, Pigment-Dyed Canvas Cinch Sack

Another popular brand is Authentic Pigment. They make bags and totes with a natural, contemporary style. Their 100% cotton canvas cinch sack is heavy enzyme-washed and has a low-key, casual look. It also features a zippered front pocket for extra storage.

Other great brands worthy of consideration are Team 365 (specializing in sports gear), BAGedge, and Gemline. Luckily, there are plenty of names to choose from on the wholesale market. Just make sure you don’t automatically select the cheapest bag without considering the manufacturer.


The drawstring backpack is a simple accessory, but it can make your life a little bit easier on a day-to-day basis. If you get the material and size right (and go with a quality brand), chances are you’ll be happy with your purchase. We hope this quick guide helps you find the perfect wholesale bag without unnecessary confusion or hassle.

Got any tips for choosing a drawstring bag? What’s your favorite material? Tell us about it in the comments below!