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 Garment Dyed vs. Pigment Dyed T-Shirts

It is easy to find good quality, stylish, comfortable t-shirts at a reasonable price if you know what features you like. Deciding on the color for bulk purchasing is a big deal, and it comes down to understanding what type of color represents your brand, function or event.

Consider these factors when you’re trying to choose between a garment-dyed and a pigment-dyed t-shirt.

Different processes are used to dye the shirts

Garment dyeing is one way to produce the stylish and appealing well-loved, favorite t-shirt look. This look is achieved by adding the dye to the clothing after the product has been cut and sewn. Garment dying creates an extremely soft and comfortable product.

Manufacturers color pigment dyed t-shirts with ground pigment. Pigments are insoluble, so they must be locked into the fabric with a silicone wash. The irregular absorption and saturation of the pigment creates a distressed or washed look. This method coats the outside of the material and does not actually dye it.


Garment dyed t-shirts and garment dyed sweatshirts are popular because the unique dyeing process gives the shirt a distressed look.

Pigment dyed fabrics look about 10% less colorful than a traditional dyeing process. It’s a weathered, softer shade of the same color. If you were to cut the cotton fiber of this fabric in half, the inside would still appear white, since pigment dyeing only adheres to the surface. Pigment dyes naturally vary, so the amount of color might differ from batch to batch due to the level of absorption and saturation, but the differences between batches are subtle.


There is no shrinkage when you use this process. The garment dying process ensures that no matter how many times you wash it, the size remains constant. The process removes 99% of shrinkage because it has been commercially washed and dried twice. If you find a t-shirt that fits you, unless you gain or lose weight the t-shirt will fit you correctly for as long as you own it.

Pigment dye t-shirts can be made from synthetic materials, which means they won’t shrink, stretch or alter. Although the guaranteed fit is helpful, synthetic materials can be considered slightly less comfortable for those who prefer the stretch and feel of natural fibers.


Garment dyed Comfort Colors wholesale t-shirts are made of 100% ring spun cotton that has been soft-washed for a velvet feel and comfortable fit. They have set-in sleeves, double-needle stitched sleeves, and bottom hem, and have a twill-taped shoulder-to-shoulder, and a 1″ ribbed collar with double-needle top stitched neckline.

Pigment dye can also be applied to synthetics or blends, not just natural fabrics. The drawback to this method is that pigment-dyed garments are less colorfast.


Garment-dyeing is a slightly more expensive method of adding color to a t-shirt. It’s extremely popular because it results in a soft, velvety texture that doesn’t look worn out or old. The slight difference in cost is more than made up for in durability and style. The quality of the ring spun cotton makes a garment-dyed shirt the first one you pull out of your closet.

Pigment dyed t shirts are available at a reasonable price and can be used for any occasion. They have a soft, vintage look. Choosing a pigment dyed shirt can lower the cost because it is one less step in the manufacturing process.

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Garment dyed t-shirts have a broken-in, weathered look without the shirt losing its form or looking worn out. They’re perfect for screen printing or embroidery since the fabric can accommodate dye applied to the top.

Only coating the outside of the shirt allows the shirt to age after only a few washes, giving it that vintage look.

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A garment dyed shirt is ideal for beach outings to summer weekends or a light hike. These shirts can be colored in smaller batches, so it is easy to customize them to a specific trend or demands.
Comfort Colors Wholesale shirts are great for family reunions or beachside restaurants needing uniforms.

Pigment dyed t-shirts are perfect for printing and are reasonably priced. Choose one made from 100% preshrunk cotton for a lightweight and ultra-comfortable fit. Whether you are taking a hike and want to stay cool, or need a wicking polyester fabric, these shirts are perfect, and they are available in a mix of colors and styles.

Final Thoughts

Garment dying is one way to produce the stylish and appealing lived in or weathered look and the t-shirts are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Pigment dyed shirts are also available in a mix of materials, take printing extremely well and still give you the distressed look you like.