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Sublimation Blank Shirts

Whether you run a small business printing stylishly-designed apparel or have a creative graphic shirt idea, ShirtMax sells high-quality sublimation blanks wholesale.

In addition, we not only offer shirts at affordable wholesale pricing but also ensure they reach you with our super-fast shipping process, ensuring you get your blanks when you want them or when you need them for your next batch of sublimating shirt prints.

Our variety of sublimation blanks can also fit any design you envision, coming in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and material types. So, for any and all of your shirt sublimation needs, shop ShirtMax's supply of quality polyester blanks today.

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The Best Ways to Use Sublimation T-Shirts

Printing your favorite design on a shirt through sublimation allows you to create comfortable, versatile, and affordable apparel. Here are some ways you can take advantage of easily creating your own design to sublimate on your next shirt purchase from ShirtMax:

Promote Your Brand

Whether it's a small clothing shop or a large-scale business, well-designed sublimation shirts that include your company name and logo can be a casual but impressionable way to spread brand awareness and bring attention to what you and your team have to offer.

Show Appreciation To Customers

Sublimate a series of shirts specifically for special giveaways or promotions that reward customers for their loyalty and recognition of your business or brand. Create each shirt using colors, patterns, or in a unique style that no other products use, making them all the more satisfying for customers to wear and show off.

Have Fun With Family & Friends

For a more personal touch, have one or more shirts produced with a hilarious or memorable image that relates to your family or friend group. T-shirts printed using sublimation can produce these images accurately, transforming simple fabric into a tangible piece of memorabilia for everyone to enjoy during family reunions, road or camping trips, or rare get-togethers.

Create One-of-a-Kind T-Shirts & Apparel

Finally, sublimation also allows you to alter polyester blanks into unique works of wearable art. Produce a limited edition product line of apparel with a one-of-a-kind design that grabs people's attention. This can help increase interest in your artwork or business through word of mouth while also having a select group of grateful customers who will enjoy wearing your unique brand of style for years to come.

That is just one of the numerous ways you can maximize ShirtMax's stock of vibrant blanks at wholesale prices.

Shop Sublimation T-Shirts From ShirtMax

ShirtMax Provides the Best Supply of Sublimation Blanks

Our supply of shirts is the best not only because they come from top brands such as Sport-Tek, Gildan, Adidas, and more — there are also numerous options in colors and styles for them to choose from.

Create Your Favorite Shirt From Our Variety of Materials

To get the best print out of the sublimation dyeing process, you need to use the right shirt with the correct type of fabric. On top of that, you can create additional effects by using shirts made of certain materials.

100% Polyester Shirts

Sublimation works best with shirts made entirely of polyester material. This is because, during the dyeing process, the inks can easily bond with synthetic fabrics like polyester rather than more natural fibers like cotton.

Purchase 100% polyester shirts from ShirtMax for your next sublimation print, and you'll see how vivid and clear the colors of your shirt logo or graphic will be.

Triblend Shirts

You can also use our stock of triblend t-shirts, which are made up of cotton, rayon, and polyester. Since over 50% of the shirt is made of synthetic materials, it can be put through the sublimation process. The print will appear faded and less defined than on a shirt made of 100% polyester, but you can use that as an advantage when thinking of a design for your shirts.

We Carry Blank Shirts in a Range of Styles

The Perfect Blank T-Shirts for Sublimation Printing

Are you searching for the perfect shirt to use for your sublimation print? Well, ShirtMax has a wide variety of options to choose from, and you can easily sublimate your favorite graphic, logo, or image. Search on our website for the shirt that fits your sublimation needs.

With our vast options in color, size, and material, there's something for everyone. And with our business day delivery average of one to two days, you'll get your pick of quality sublimation blanks fast so you enjoy their soft cotton feel and stylish fit sooner. Shop ShirtMax's selection of quality blank t-shirts at wholesale prices today!

FAQs About Our Blank Sublimation Shirts

What is Sublimation Printing?

For those interested, sublimation printing is one of the best methods of emblazoning their own shirts or a fresh set of blanks with graphics, logos, or designs.

A sublimation printer effectively imprints your designs by sublimating — or converting — solid inks into gas, then using heat and pressure to place imprints of your design into the fibers of your preferred shirt.

Although it is a relatively cheap and cost-effective way to produce a designed product line of shirts and other types of apparel, using the wrong fabric or design for bulk production can lead to deformities in the dyeing process, resulting in poorly-produced products.

To ensure you get the best out of sublimation printing, make sure you purchase 100% polyester blanks from ShirtMax, as the inks will bind more effectively to its fibers while also providing you with a super soft cotton feel.

Shop Sublimation T-Shirts From ShirtMax

If sublimation isn't your preferred printing method, ShirtMax ensures our customers get exactly what they want by providing blank shirts in several styles, including: Each style comes in a wide variety of colors and in every size from XS to XL. For all of your blank apparel needs, come to ShirtMax, where you'll get wholesale pricing, rapid delivery, and even discounts on bulk orders. Shop ShirtMax today!

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